Our Plan

Top-notch healthcare, healthy food and nutrition, and a stress-free, stable home environment enable brain development. High-quality early care and education fosters cognitive skills along with attentiveness, motivation, self-control, and sociability — the character skills that turn knowledge into know-how and people into productive citizens.

The following are examples of proven, research-based early childhood development programs that will help Atlanta:

Prenatal: a baby box filled with essentials given to families during a mother’s prenatal check-up

Model Programs: Baby Box programs in Alabama, Ohio, Texas Colorado, and New Jersey.

Birth: hospital + home visits by a trained therapist to answer parents’ questions and connect families with wraparound services

Model Program: Family Lifeline / Health Families Home Visiting (Richmond, VA)

Ages 0-2: developmental screenings and follow-up referrals to promote cognitive development in all children

Model Program: Project Launch (Columbus, Georgia)

Ages 0 -2: community classes, services, and workshops where neighbors join together to adopt best practices on topics such as language skills, healthy eating, and wellness

Model Programs: Talk With Me Baby (Georgia) & LENA Start (Huntsville, AL)

Ages 0-4: scholarships and universal access measures to help families afford high-quality learning experiences and child care rooted in play and infused with art. (Also: professional development + pay equity for early childhood educators to reduce turnover and increase quality)

Model Program: DECAL Quality Rated Subsidy Grant (Georgia)


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